Thank you for visiting! We believe this website will become THE de facto reference site for TMD’s body of work for many generations to come. Not only for the knives he made but also for his efforts surrounding the formation and growth of the Knifemakers Guild, the creation and evolution of his ‘signature’ Integral Knife designs, and the roughly 3,000 knives he made throughout his 42-year career.

It should be noted that this site never would have been possible were it not for the detailed records that were kept by Betty Dowell, Ted’s wife. Betty archived literally thousands of documents, catalogs, newsletters, order logs, show attendance lists, photographs, etc., many of which have been subsequently scanned and incorporated into this site.

Things You Can Do on This Site

  • Browse dozens of Historical Snippets on Ted and Betty Dowell, and TMD Knives
  • Locate the Names and Publish Dates of Every Article which mentions TMD Knives
  • View every TMD Catalog, Price List and Newsletter ever Published
  • Determine the Approximate Age and Original Selling Price of any standard TMD Knife
  • Take a ‘virtual tour’ of the TMD Shop
  • Contribute a picture of your TMD Knife to a ‘crowdsourced’ Photo Gallery of hundreds of TMD’s!